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ibet789 Online Sportsbook Review

Gambling and Bookie is getting popularity all over Asia

and there are quite a few trusted sportbook sites which are making all these happen. Ibet789 is one of such popular sportbook site of time. This trusted sportbook site has been using the famous ALT software for maintaining virtual betting environment and licensed in Costa Rica. Dragon City International Limited is well known worldwide as the owner of some highly preferred online gaming sites and ibet789 is one of their most popular properties.

With the passage of time sports betting is gaining popularity in Asia and eventually ibet789 has turned out to be a leading brand in Asian sport betting market. The main reason behind such popularity is the availability of all sorts of sport and game in their list. Ibet789 covers more than 1,500 sporting and gaming events every week. It covers all the international and national sporting events as well as the major football leagues and tournaments. The main advantage of betting on ibet789 is that it ensures –

  • Ultra-fast website exploring experience
  • Availability of all sort of sports and gaming events
  • 24/7 live support team
  • Easier access in the member’s area
  • Super fast and secured payouts and transaction
  • Immediate confirmation of winning the bet
  • Live updates of all the major soccer / football games


Ibet789 is a sportbook site that is focusing mainly on Asian market but still there are some strategies which prove that they are also targeting the global sport betting market. The primary language of this site is English but being an Asia focused site it also supports the major Asian languages like Malay (Malaysia), Thai (Thailand), Vietnamese (Vietnam), Korean, Indonesian and Chinese language so that the local Asian bettors can bet on their own language. This strategy has worked well for ibet789 as Asian gamblers and bettors prefer their native language in all cases.

Online sport betting can be done either by using software or by virtual browser based platform. Ibet789 is using a browser based betting system which doesn’t need you to download any software for placing bet on sports and games. In case of any emergency or urgent help ibet789 has 24/7 live phone support, live chat system and email service. So, any issue regarding the betting and financial activities is solved in no time.

Ibet789 has proved to be a loyal and trust worthy sportbook of time and it ensures safety and privacy of all the confidential financial and personal data of the bettors. As bettors have to provide their real financial and personal data for placing bet, ensuring safe betting environment is a must for all online sportbooks and ibet789 has done a tremendous job in this regard. So, online sport betting is now easier and safer than ever with ibet789 sportbook. Everyone who looks for a safe and loyal online place to enjoy the excitement of sport betting should consider the ibet789 sportbook at least once for the best result.